01-01-1992 12:01:00

A picture divided against itself, City of Joy is half American-style gangster melodrama and half inspirational social consciousness. Impressively produced in Calcutta’s teeming poverty-ridden…

06-18-2017 12:06:27

He never knew the meaning of struggle, and he faced his share of bumps with dignity, recalls a journalist and long-time friend.

09-03-2003 11:09:51

Michael Winterbottom’s second festival outing this year, “Code 46” is an intriguing but only partly successful co-mingling of film noir and sci-fi. The main difficulty is a lack o…

10-17-2011 10:10:01

Reprise Records will mark the 25th anniversary of Neil Young’s Bridge School Benefit concerts with a three-DVD, two-CD retrospective on Oct. 24, as well as a concert doc, “The Bridge Sc…

05-29-2017 04:05:27

Passions are roused and the national anthem plays twice as an Indian Navy crew faces a Pakistani submarine in 1971.

03-20-2007 03:03:52

Universe Films Distribution has added two pics to its already bulging FilMart slate.

10-29-2003 05:10:14

Premature death of charismatic filmmaker Glauber Rocha in 1981 at the age of 42 is still an emotional issue for many Brazilians. Docu concentrates on his exuberant, revolutionary personality that t…

04-06-2017 04:04:26

Everything you need to know for the day (and a little more).

03-28-2017 04:03:26

There is a lot happening in the nation's capital over the next three days.

04-26-1994 01:04:00

Wall Street stocks rallied Monday for the second time in three sessions, sending interest rates sharply lower as investors cast aside inflation fears and reveled in upbeat corporate profits.

01-25-2017 04:01:09

Here are the celebrities and Hollywood figures who died in 2017.

10-27-1997 12:10:00

“The Full Monty,” the Brit pic about a gang of unlikely male exotic dancers, outstripped “Four Weddings and a Funeral” over the weekend, becoming the most popular British fi…

02-20-2017 08:02:26

The root source of blackness and many of its cultural associations is slavery. And slavery helped to build the modern capitalist world.

02-20-2017 08:02:26

But religion colours many aspects of everyday life and identity in Jerusalem.

12-14-1997 12:12:00

The final installment in actor-director Assi Dayan’s comic trilogy about contemporary Israeli life, “Mr. Baum” fails to reach the level of the appreciated opener, “Life Acco…

02-11-2017 08:02:26

The killing of Monika Ghurde in Goa last week has also sparked a discussion on other crimes against women that the state has failed to prosecute effectively.

02-11-2017 08:02:26

A unique three-line format in which the third adds an unexpected dimension to the first two.

02-11-2017 08:02:26

After initially denying that it was behind the attack, the Saudi-led coalition fighting Houthi rebels in the country later said it would look into it.

10-12-2001 07:10:44

A leap forward from vet producer Ismail Merchant’s prior directorial exercises, “The Mystic Masseur” adapts an early V.S. Naipaul story to diverting and handsome, if uneven, resul…

02-02-2017 08:02:27

Narendra Modi said an Olympics task force will be set up for India, and women being barred from entering the Haji Ali Dargah was declared unconstitutional.

02-02-2017 08:02:27

The president-in-exile, Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi, had earlier rejected a UN-brokered peace deal, saying it favoured the rebels.