06-21-2017 07:06:45

When it comes to baby clothing, Reddit co-founder and dad-to-be Alexis Ohanian is team zipper rather than team snaps

06-18-2017 08:06:26

The tennis champion is celebrating two milestone moments with the Reddit co-founder—marriage and a baby! The couple are engaged and also expecting their first child together. 

05-20-2017 12:05:27

During her very candid TED talk on Tuesday, Serena Williams revealed she was initially angry about Alexis Ohanian's proposal -- and you'll love the reason why.

04-19-2017 08:04:35

Serena Williams and Alexis Ohanian are expecting their first child, she announced on Snapchat Wednesday

05-02-2017 08:05:27

Will the tennis pro and her fiancé move to San Franisco to raise their firstborn?

04-19-2017 10:04:25

Williams announced her first pregnancy on Wednesday

04-23-2017 08:04:27

The tennis star announced just this past Wednesday that she is 20 weeks pregnant

01-26-2017 08:01:07

Serena Williams will face off against sister Venus in the final game of the Australian Open

01-25-2017 04:01:27

Tennis all-star got engaged to the Reddit co-founder in December

01-17-2017 11:01:41

Serena Williams called her fiancé Alexis Ohanian ‘really nice’

01-07-2017 12:01:27

Tennis super star and her soon-to-be hubby celebrate 2017

12-30-2016 05:12:46

Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian tweeted his thanks after news of his engagement to Serena Williams broke

01-05-2017 10:01:55

The 35-year-old tennis player took to Reddit to show off her sparkling engagement ring, just a week after she took to the website to reveal her engagement to Alexis Ohanian

01-02-2017 07:01:54

The tennis star gives fans a first glimpse at her new hardware  

12-30-2016 04:12:26

Alexis Ohanian started Reddit, the self-proclaimed "front page of the internet." Then he helped kill SOPA, the bill that threatened to destroy it. Now he's running for President. Of t...

12-30-2016 04:12:26

A spokesperson says Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian popped the question to Serena Williams while they were vacationing in Rome.

12-29-2016 12:12:12

The tennis great announced that she is engaged to Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian

12-29-2016 02:12:02

The tennis star announced her engagement to the tech entrepreneur on Thursday

12-30-2016 04:12:26

Let's get to know the man who swept this athlete off her feet, shall we?