About Us

With the huge information flowing on the internet, it is virtually impossible for an individual to keep track of what is important to us, let alone going through them. It is very important for a user in social domain to have an easy access to what has been shared and what is relevant to him.

GoBigg allows you to efficiently and effectively manage bookmarks of any type be it a URL, article, video, photo, a place or a person and keep them at one place. Not only that, based on the relevance and reputation of what you post, GoBigg creates an online reputation of you to add further credibility to your profile. Moreover, it integrates with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and your Google account to broadcast trending topics to your followers.

Whats more?

  • Easy management of your bookmarks.
  • Follow other users to see what they are upto.
  • Allow users to add content to their favorites
  • Various widgets to share and manage information seamlessly.
  • It is FREE!!!